Virtual POS

Virtual POS is a way for the adoption of direct payments with debit and credit cards over the Internet through a Web site.

Payment through a virtual POS terminal in electronic shop

1. Customer selects goods or services. After the final selection - specifies address and shipping method then - choose the way of payment. When you choose direct payment online through a virtual POS terminal, the customer is transferred to the page of the virtual terminal. e-shop
2. On the page of the virtual terminal, the customer enters the data for the debit or credit card that is willing to pay. This page is located at some banks, while others have their own page. virtual terminal
3. Client is referred back to the e-shop, where he was informed - it successful is the payment or not. e-shop

Virtual POS terminal can accept payments for different types of business.
Additionally shown in the example above most widespread use in electronic shop via virtual terminal payment can be done successfully and in reservation systems, electronic libraries, online auction / auctions, sales of tickets, payment of fees for participation in various events paid (forums, seminars, schools, courses, etc.), sales of vouchers in group shopping websites, pay for software products and any business with an advance payment for goods or services.

Virtual POS terminal does not work alone!
It needs the presence of a web platform to visualize the available goods or services sold / provided and the conditions for their use. Then, as the client had seen the proposal and decided to pay online- comes the virtual POS terminal which carries the possibility of secure payment.
Advantages and disadvantages

Advance payment - the sum is received before supplying the goods.
High efficiency - the amounts are received in a day or two direct current account.
Regional independence - good or service can be paid anywhere in the world.
Applicability at high and low prices of goods / services.
Currency independence. Regardless of the currency card payments that the merchant receives the desired amount in the currency in which it operates its virtual terminal. For example - announced price at the site $ 100 after payment- no matter what gets from card merchant account just $ 100 Subsequent transaction - deducted from your bank account to pay commission. The currency is selected at the conclusion of the virtual POS terminal. Most banks only support USD. When selecting another currency other than Bulgarian USD (in banks offer such a possibility) - the commissions were higher due to higher expenses for the transaction.
The announced prices in the store may be different currencies - even change dynamically depending on the course, but the choice of payment through virtual terminal- screen in which data is entered on the card will be displayed only the price in the currency in which operates the terminal.


Requires card - debit or credit.
Restrictions on the cards - some banks prohibit or restrict their payment card on the Internet.

Security payments
Number of maps - the protection of confidential information

The introduction of data cards can be done off-site, which frees the seller from the obligation to keep confidential information.